1) If you are not sure you are a pancake Maestro you are not a pancake Maestro.


2) How is Quartz like Riboflavin? – Everybody has heard of both but few know what both actually are.  With regard to the former, the battery in your watch sends an electrical current through a piece of embedded quartz.  This action causes the quartz crystal to vibrate 32,768 times per second, thus enabling your watch to remind you to consume your Riboflavin on time.


3) Many readers have asked us to Nugzplain Web 3.0. –  Instead of a centralized database, applications and services make use of a decentralized blockchain. With blockchain, the basic idea is that there isn’t an arbitrary central authority, but rather a form of distributed consensus, or community self-governance. Ok so what does all this mean?  Using the model below from Nugget 38.0 2) where Sergio is the sole enforcer, it’s now about cookies – no not the annoying bastards that spy on you but what actually happens is a communal cookie baking competition; between Sergio, Nikita, Alexis, Stanislav and Dimitri. – Whoever gets the most votes for replicating a Pecan Sandie determines the coda.