1) Did you know your backyard chickens molt. It’s true, and the interesting part is when they molt their energy becomes depleted and they are subject to mating injuries which of course expedites chikapocalypse, (but generates a proliferation of fresh nuggets). However, you can prevent your chickens from premature nuggetization with chicken armor, https://www.chickenarmor.com/our-story


2) Appendix vs Appendix: – Back when your ancestors chomped on bark, it was good thing they had an appendix to help to digest the fiber.  But Nugz predicts the appendix, while its vestigialness is still debated, will be evolved out of our bodies by the year 4685. Now that begs the question about its homonym, the written appendix. What percentages of appendi are actually read – will they exist in an AI powered world?


3) 3 Nuggets still has no opinion on hotels in Berlin, Spanish wines or government surplus cheese.