1) At Nugz, we are frozen waffle connoisseurs but had been suffering from a waffle eating rut with a never-ending Vans/Kodiak Cake rotation.  Until now, – as we have discovered Evergreen which has metamorphosized our waffle eating experience. These tasty transformative rectangles are conscientiously conceived and artisan souled with curated flavor profiles from the classic Peanut Butter Banana to the woke Chocolate Chip Matcha. Moreover, they are spec’d with very “clean’ cardiovascular friendly, mitochondria empowering ingredients. Make sure you try the Mixed berry and Almond to add an enlivening burst of joyful dimension to accompany your waffle consumption,  https://eatevergreen.com/  For a 15% discount use the code, “Nuggets15


2) To create anything daring requires persistence against the tides of convention. In this spirit, while bittersweet, I am pleased to announce that 3 Nuggets staffer, Kona Torrez, will be starting a new journey next month as a doctoral student at Trinity College in Dublin. Kona will be pursuing a neuroanthropology PHD with the dissertation: “Endocannabinoid system regulation in the Jazz of John Coltrane, the words of WB Yates and the moves of Gumby.”


3) Is music an evolutionary accident or is it more fundamental to our species than perhaps even language? – While modern composers engineer the most pleasurable effects of music by exploiting the way our brains make sense of the world, Neanderthals actually played bone flutes 50,000 years ago to communicate before language. Is this why dolphins sing and you may still be emotionally attached to the music of your coming of age years?