1) Why is it that fancier the occasion the more sleeveless-ness is gender bifurcated? The more formal the more likely a woman is to be sleeveless and yet the opposite is not only true for men but also the mere visual of some dude at a wedding in a button up sleeveless is very wrong.

2) You are in a contest to win a new Tesla and there are three doors (A, B & C) to choose from – the Tesla is behind one door and there are cheeseburgers behind the other 2 doors.  You pick B …… the contest host opens door A to unveil a cheeseburger. The host asked you if you want to change from B to C. Should you? (Answer at bottom).

3) Given that all the fundamental theories of the universe are often wrong, Nugz recently focused its telescope of scholarship on the macrosphere of macaroni.

*Answer – At first glance it seems like you now have a 50/50 chance at the Tesla, and it would make no difference in switching. But this is not the case, lets us Nugzplain, – your pick B initially has a 1 in 3 chance in winning but if you switch to C you double your odds to 2 in 3. Counterintuitive? –find a host and try it and or check this out:


In the example you pick 1:


Host Opens  door 1 door 2 door 3  Stay  Switch 
2 C-Burger C-Burger Tesla C-Burger Tesla
3 C-Burger  Tesla C-Burger C-Burger Tesla
2 or 3 Tesla C-Burger C-Burger Tesla C-Burger


Thus by switching you will be rocking a Tesla 2/3rds of the time vs 1/3rd by not switching.