1) At Nugz, if we were to repeat the statement of our teacher’s teacher’s teacher,  “all the wisdom in the world is plagiarized, it is ignorance that is individual,” – would that be wisdom, ignorance or Vegemite?


2) Flies are certainly expert aerialists that can hover, fly backward, and land upside down. These masters of adaptations are evolutionary opportunists and may even possess consciousness.  There are a whole lot of these little suckers in the world. Guess how many flies per person? . _____ hint it’s a lot of fucking flies. Answer at the bottom*


3) Nugz can understand the genesis of the first toad licker, (prolly just preparing a meal and had an ayahuasca/psilocybin/mescaline type of experience from simply inadvertently licking their fingers), but Nugz wants to know who the first person is that thought smoking toads was a good idea. We will let Mike Tyson Nugzplain this one: