1)  A “gentleman” is a man who knows how to play the bagpipes but chooses not to.

2) We have received an enormous number of requests to Nugzplain why Rice Krispies pop with milk. No, the Krispies are not lactose intolerant; there is a logical explanation. Inventor W. K. Kellogg was an early audiophile with eclectic tastes and was obsessed with playing vinyl records backwards and genetically modifying rice. Accordingly he engineered your RK’s to produce a B flat pop with dairy milk, a G with all nut milks, except for Macadamia, and a highly pleasurable munch sound when in the form of a treat. Moreover, this engineering inspired the Buzzcock’s song, Harmony in my Head.

3) We at Nugz are passionate about our new hobby Glacier Kite Skiing (see attached) except for the unintended consequence of having an icy polar wave sewing a seam up your fundus.