1) Since many of you have asked us to Nugzplain cryonics, (freezing yourself when you croak so you can be un-croaked later), here we go, hold on to your roosters: you may think that you could simply take a walkabout into the Alaskan tundra, but this is not a good idea because ice crystals would form between your cells and as the ice crystals expand, your cells get crushed; which kind of sucks.  To de-crush yourself, cryonicists use gases that serve as microscopic air bags, so when you do thaw out you can actually enjoy a cabana boy served papaya margarita.
2) Saturn has rings, Pluto has an identity crisis, Neptune rocks a cool trident, but what about Uranus, – while relatively drama free, please join Nugz in appreciating Uranus.

3) If you have been reading all your Nuggets and enjoying them you must be a being of superior ambition and intelligence. Either that or you have literary masochistic tendencies.