1) Sure there was Fitbit, Oura and Whoop at the recent Biometrics and Wearables conference in Helsinki, but what generated most of the buzz was the 3 Nuggets Smart Toilet, (see 3 Nuggets 32.0). As a result we have decided to double down on Nugzhacks, with the Nugzie, it’s a wearable that doubles as a belly button accessory, which measures the bioenergies of your chakras when you play a Harmonica on Hanukkah.

2) At Nugz we pat ourselves on the back for our gastronomical gymnastics; – our most recent winning exercise produced wasabi infused blackcurrant licorice, (“WIBL”). The wasabi, hydroponically grown at 3 Nugz farms, provides high nasal clearing potency and the locally harvested blackcurrants are luxuriant in flavonoids. Simply, our WIBL packs complex layering with an intense flavor explosion of pure alchemy.

3) While humans are scintillant with ingenuity, nobody knows what came before the Big Bang.