First of all we apologize to those suffering from No-Nuggetitis, – we have the remedy; as it’s awards season, and at Nugz it’s no different, the “Nuggies”[1] are awarded annually for the best in juxtapositions, non sequiturs and esoterica. This year’s 3 awards go to:


1)    Myron Scholes – While this Canadian American financial economist is most known for the Black-Scholes option pricing model that fueled derivatives trading, he is being recognized with this Nuggie for his invention of Wheat Thins because Wheat Thins are so damn good.

2)     Bryce Courtenay – This Australian/South African novelist is most known for the epic historical novel, The Power of One, but he is being awarded the Nuggie for his ability to command a slinky.

3)    Robert Muraine – Not for his work on Ingenuity, the helicopter drone currently exploring Mars, but this Nuggie is for his popping skillz. Check it out: