1) Many readers have asked us to Nugzplain why we dream. Most dream scientists believe we dream to process information, enable unconscious desires, face fears, self-psychoanalyze or connect thoughts and emotions. They’re wrong. – We dream because many of us no longer have cable and need a good deal on our car insurance.


2) Nugz has been contemplating Asparagus’ multivariate evolutionary conundrum.  Did asparagus evolve to cause some humans to have stinky pee so it would not get eaten or did the human population evolve to enable Asparagus consumption?  About half of us do not genetically produce the enzyme that reacts with the asparagusic acid that causes stinky pee and others have a different genetic modification that inhibits the olfactory receptors causing what is known as asparagus anosmia, or the inability to smell stinky asparagus pee. Either way, we say, “keep Asparagus weird, it comes in purple.”