1) Were people that like to smell books librarians in their past life, or are they just naturally book smellers? 


2) Many readers have asked us to Nugzplain crypto currencies and the peer-to-peer blockchain. The common perception is that Bitcoin and the others are digitally mined and transacted via the blockchain or a distributed digital ledger. Here is actually how it works; when you send real money to a digital exchange to buy a crypto currency your money gets funneled to a ginormous Milk Dud Factory in Estonia. You receive a proportional share of Milk Duds and the factory assigns you a temperature-controlled Milk Dud locker and hires a guy named Nikita to look after your Milk Duds. When you spend crypto currencies, it is Nikita’s responsibility to eat the proportional share of Milk Duds. The peer-to-peer part is if Nikita does not eat the right amount of Milk Duds, he is spanked by Sergio.


3) We at Nugz admittedly were sleeping on llama cheese, who knew it was butterscotchy with hints of oyster shell, as well as herbaceous, original gangster and hazelnut notes?  So sublime, that llama cheese.