1) We know you have always been curious as to why a dog can happily jump into freezing water and then after some goofy swimming, scamper out, shake for three seconds and trot away as if nothing happened. Here is why: when a dog shakes it creates the centrifugal force of an industrial strength spin dryer pulling water outward. Moreover, unlike you, a dog can twist their spin to generate oscillation; turbocharging outward forces that when combined with loose skin generates a force 70x stronger than gravity. We can’t do this, use a towel on you but let your dog shake.


2)  In 1847 Elizabeth Blackwell was rejected from 12 medical schools for the “intellectual inferiority of being a female” before she was accepted at Geneva Medical College as a joke by administrators. She not only was a natural medical student but also became one of the most learned doctors in the world. – Please join 3 Nuggets in honoring Dr. Blackwell as the first female graduate of a US Medical School on her 200th birthday. 


3) We at Nugz were formerly card carrying members of the sleepchismo, “I will sleep when I die” club. However, we have pivoted from this viewpoint based on a deep dive on why we sleep. Evolutionarily, one would think that over the past 500,000 years of Homo sapiens, that sleep would have been naturally selected out, – as during shut eye you are vulnerable to predators, can not hunt/gather, mate or take care of your young.  Accordingly, there must be  powerful reasons as to why we need sleep for a third of our lives. As it turns out when you sleep the brain has a sewage like system that washes out the metabolic detritus that builds up when you are awake. Don’t sleep enough you get brain clog and bad shit happens.