1)    Because many of you have asked us to Nugzplain the COVID mRNA vaccine we are suspending our no COVID policy for this edition only. Ok here is how it works: – The vaccine that gets injected to your arm contains molecules of shrunken 5th grade biohackers that learned to code when they were 3. They are injected into your body and then write code in your cytoplasm that instruct your cells to make the spike proteins that initiate calling in the big guns; bad ass Ninja elite special force antibodies. A combination of clandestine Delta and Navy Seal like AB’s surf through your circulatory system wearing tactical vests, night vision goggles (your veins and arteries are unlit) and carrying microscopic assault rifles.  Army rangers set up forward operating bases in your liver and spleen and man intra-organ sniper rifles, while your marines patrol on recon. -Collectively your bio warriors are operating a search and destroy mission against any COVID virus particles. After about eight months of 24/7 patrol these troops get kind of tired, start eating a lot of pizza and then you are no longer immune.


2)    So why do we get a reaction? – These elite special MoFo biocombatants are cross trained in Jujitsu, Krav Maga and Mahjong. They don’t mess around and occasionally they get a little overzealous, create collateral damage and broaden the blast radiance which causes a temporary histamine storm. If this happens to you, read your Nietzsche.


3)     Poker is much more like life than chess, for the later all possible moves are known, the former requires calculating probabilities, managing through uncertainty; and confronting the great unknown, a much more valuable life skill. So get over your Queen’s gambit and teach your kids poker. (Unless of course you have one of those cool giant chess sets on your balcony).