1) Farm to table is so 2015. Who wants their produce traveling even 7 miles from the local farm? At Nugz Farms we roll Photosynthesis to Mouth and are passionate hydroponicers. (If interested, find our Buttercrunch, Red Oakleaf, Iceberg, Romaine, Prizehead, Bibb, Kale, and Spinach Farm attached).

2) Given the trend in wearables, telehealth and preventive care, Nugz predicts that by 2040 smart toilets will be commonplace.  After “you drop the kids off at the pool” your smart toilet will perform spectrometrical analysis and the resultant algorithm will notify your food delivery bot and the lentils and fish oil will be on the way.

3) Speaking of 2040 and considering that all facts have a half life, Nugz also predicts that there will be a day when we will say, “back when we used to drink Kombucha.”