1) We at 3 Nugz recently discovered that if you cross Sheryl Crow’s All I Wanna Do: https://t.ly/v2HX9 with Liz Phair’s SuperNova: https://t.ly/BWup you get Julianna Hatfield’s My sister: https://t.ly/PSH5

Who knew?

2)  We were gobsmacked by 3 Nugz test kitchen’s caribou steak, hand chopped to tenderize and mixed with capers, mustard sprouts and zero gravity garlic.  Food critic Anton Broduer commented, “Gastronomically amazing, but strangely, after the meal, I felt so virile I was thinking I could be pregnant.”

3) ) We actually share about 75% of our DNA with the lowly fruit fly. So, why are fruit flies considerably less than 75% like us? Nugz believes the answers are embedded in the cell quantity differential; we have 30 trillion and a fruit fly has only 50,000.  Let’s use ants to put this in perspective (hang in there – we will Nugzplain), one solo ant seems kind of lame and aimless but a colony of 20,000 has a complex hierarchical social structure that can raise and milk aphids like cows, and farm mushrooms. Similarly 20 billion or so of our cells can get together and molecularly regulate histamine synthesis or grow an esophagus where as a fruit fly only has the numbers to organize flying around to search for rotting fruit for a few days before croaking. C’est la vie.