1) Mozart could compose delicately, play faultlessly and astonish by age 5. At 3 Nugz we feel the same way about our muffins as our latest compilation, a pistachio, sangiovese and thyme muffin manifests a savory delight with hints of cherry and diatomaceous earth.

2) Speaking of time, physicists believe that the present, past and future can co-exist, here at Nugz we believe in genuflecting time with whipped cream.

3) Please send any suggestions you may have for a name of our newest puppy at 3 Nugz Happy Kennel. We are pleased to announce ______, who will be joining our current dog team of Juan-Carlos, Kevin, Jaimie (hi-me), Alonzo, Lawrence, and Henri (on-ray). (Note, Kevin is a female and ___ is a male).