1) Are we hard wired for cognitive dissonance? Suppose a Palaeolithic hunter accidentally threw his spear into his hunting partner’s bum. Now if said thrower were to lament his wayward cheek piercing chuck he may be too distraught to sleep that night.  He becomes physically and emotionally drained; dulling his fight or flight response such that a tiger catches him off his game and devours him. In contrast our C. Dissonasing hunter blames his buddy, sleeps soundly and keeps his tiger escaping edge. So did the ability to be cognitive dissonant evolve in a crude survival of the species way?

2) We are pleased to announce that the Autodidactic Nugz Epicurean Lab has been honored to prepare a regional cuisine dinner for the Norwegian Ambassador who will be visiting Alaska for the Iditarod in March. We are contemplating smoked sous vide caribou steaks with spiced sorghum molasses sauced with a reduction of Dall Sheep butter and wild gooseberries with a side of charred artichokes, toasted rye and fried sage. A Go, or Winner Winner Chicken dinner?

3) Speaking of species survival. Yoshi the sea turtle swam 22,000 miles swim from Cape Town to Australia after 20 years in captivity to nest: https://abcnews.go.com/International/yoshi-sea-turtle-sets-record-22000mile-swim-years/story?id=68666038