1) Proust, Rilke, Byron, Pound, Shakespeare and Suess all wrote about Venice but why didn’t any Venetians write about Venice? Were they too preoccupied with painting or was it more of a grass is greener kind of thing?  

2) Neutrinos are the most elusive and the weirdest of all known denizens of the subatomic world. A hundred trillion neutrinos from the sun are estimated to pass through your body every second even if you are analyzing the aromatic molecular properties of papayas at the same time. 

3) Speaking of olfaction, Nugz is developed an antidote to mask smell: our all purpose unisex fragrance, Hernando, (named Hernando because we love to say HeeeerNandó). Hernando tightropes between forensic and intuitive currants balanced with the nuptials of grapefruit and mandarin and interwoven with fresh showered Sherpa.  – Let us know if you would like a sample.