1)    While Nugz’ palate is still developing, we are learning to enjoy a Spanish Burgundy while meditating on the hints of nectarine, asparagus and new car smell. The righteous, sensory, full mouth explosive finish channels a jumbo peppery BLT embedded with a fresh (free range) fried egg; a triple helix of nature, religion and magic. 

2)    Is mispronunciation a problem or is it simply a matter of read but not heard?  Nugz is deep diving on this issue with the scholarly paper, “Some Sociological Aspects of Peculiarities of Pronunciation Found in Persons From Alaska Who Read a Great Deal.”

3)    Nugz is monitoring the movement of those that believe aging is modifiable, – in that it can be treated like a “disease.”  Check out this Ron Howard narrated documentary: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3ncaym