1) As an update on Nugz’ deep dive on AI, we are contemplating if it is possible to build a moral robot; one that is better than we are at distinguishing good from evil, resisting temptation and better able to assign guilt and credit. If so could we learn from our own creation and better understand how our own free will “software” works and how it manages to hide secrets from us? If so, would this be AI’s first and best gift to humanity?


2) Nugz is hoping all of its readers fully appreciate Goats. Goats are not only flat out cool, they also lead to the discovery of the leading blood glucose lowering agent (Metformin) and coffee. Enjoy your cappuccino, honor a goat.


3) Nugs second favorite drummer is Pretty Purdie, atomic clocks are set to his rhythm:

 (Fav is Clyde Stubbefield from 3 Nuggets 5.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMj9wwO1yT4)