1) Nugz is very impressed with your Mitochondria -you see these provocative little buggers transform the food you eat which into chemical energy and then blackbox the chemical energy to electrical energy and then through microscopic jujitsu convert the electrical energy back to chemical energy in the form of ATP to fuel everything you do, including flossing.


2) Synesthesia is the blending or mixing of senses. 2% to 4% of 3 Nuggets subscribers are synesthetes; for them “Tuesday” smells like Pepperoni, the number “27” is Periwinkle and Synchronicity by the Police tastes like Papaya.   

3) Nugz is not skeptical of skeptics but is open to accepting psychic dogs:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkrLJhBC3X4 – but is unconvinced there are psychic cats, unless of course said cat is a Cheetah