1) Nugz is struggling to reconcile Reverse-Ferreting with Cognitive Dissonance. The latter is the engine of self-justification and enables one to knowingly stick with an absurd position while the former is a sudden complete reversal on an issue with zero acknowledgement of the previous polarized position. Or maybe these are the same thing?


2) Nugz rarely if ever traffics in pet videos, but this exception proves the rule: https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=1566374606867784&_rdr


3) With a nod to mullets, the days before beard universality and home beer brewing in the bathtub, Nugz is truly going full artisan with coffee. We  have acquired a humidor and have converted a spare bathroom into a growing sanctuary, hoping that with heat, lights and humidity our tree will flower so that we can hand pick the cherries, dry, age and temperature/time curve custom roast to enjoy next gen bathtub-to-palate home brew, thereby avoiding the processing and stale inducing journey on cargo ships for your beans to travel from Sumatra to aging facilities in Singapore.