Being a leader isn’t always easy. You’re responsible for managing complicated logistics and coordinating disparate tasks, all while inspiring and supporting your team. If your leadership skills aren’t up to par, you’ll likely struggle in a management position.

There’s no shame in facing challenges as a leader. Even the best leaders take some time to grow into the role. In the end, the most successful managers are those who recognize their own weaknesses and seek to turn them into strengths.

It’s on you to look out for any signs that your leadership style still isn’t as strong as it should be. That way, you’ll know that you need to improve. If you notice any of these five signs, then you should look at yourself in the mirror and get to work becoming a better leader.

You Don’t Worry About Your Employees’ Work/Life Balance

Good leaders are empathetic and care about the well-being of their team members. If you give your employees unrealistic amounts of work with no concern for their ability to enjoy their personal lives, then you’re only breeding resentment.

You Let The Higher-Ups Get Away With Things

When you’re the boss, it’s your responsibility to keep people in line at every level of the organization. If you don’t hold executives and other high-level personnel accountable, you’re failing to show the commitment to integrity that will ultimately earn you the respect of your team.

You Sense Defensiveness From Your Employees

If your workers are constantly on the defensive, they probably don’t enjoy their relationship with their boss. It means you’re too judgmental and fail to take their views into account. You can remedy this by being more attentive.

You Talk More Than You Listen

A wise leader speaks only when necessary. You’re much better off listening to the people around you. Not only does this show them that you care about their thoughts and feelings, but it also allows you to make more informed decisions.

You Micromanage Everything

Good leaders know how to effectively delegate tasks. They know who they can trust, and they don’t hesitate to let capable deputies take charge. If you’re involved with every aspect of every job, it’s time to take a step back.