The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing people and businesses to develop new trends of operating. Herd immunity seems to be the new vocabulary that many organizations are struggling to understand. Regardless of the challenges being faced, companies still need to look for ways of surviving despite their uncertainties. Most organizations are re-writing their playbooks to develop solutions towards meeting their customers’ changing needs. Here are some of the new trends that companies can adopt to satisfy their current markets.

  • Creating a wellness-first working environment

The pandemic has pushed most individuals into living a healthier and fit life. Most people are exercising more and taking advantage of fitness apps and home-based exercising equipment. Organizations need to consider that most employees are more concerned with their health now than before the pandemic. Companies need to consider their employees’ wellness as they return to office life.

  • Develop purpose-driven brands

Brands have become more competitive and purpose-driven. Clients are looking for products and services to solve their societal and personal issues resulting in organizations stepping up by going beyond their usual marketing gimmicks. Companies are upping their game by demonstrating values that consumers easily relate to. They expect organizations to be authentic in their values by demonstrating their relevance in society.

  • Provide consumers with brand bonding experiences

Businesses need to put their consumers’ needs as a priority to stand out from the competition. They can accomplish this objective by providing reasonable pricing options, refunds, and discounts. In addition, companies have come to realize that customers’ loyalty is essential for their growth and sustainability. As a result, organizations are adopting trends to improve customer service by considering their customers’ feedback.

  • Hoarding vs upskilling

Consumer behavior has evolved during the pandemic, and most customers understand their value. Companies are providing value to their products and services by giving a deeper connection to their customers. They have realized upskilling is resulting in a higher conversion rate than hoarding.

  • Converting isolation into togetherness

The pandemic has made individuals appreciate social gatherings more since they have been limited in the activities they can perform. The feeling of isolation has created a thirst for togetherness. With the social distancing policies, brands are developing more profound ways of connecting with their customers. They are going beyond shallow online interactions to creating memorable experiences.