When starting up a new company, there are three essentials that the business needs for visibility: a trademarked logo, a website, and a domain name that matches the brand.


Business Logo


The logo is the picture customers and clients use to remember the brand and what it represents. This needs to be unique to the business and should be trademarked to protect others from using it as their own. The logo is what introduces people to the company and should create a positive impression in their minds. It represents the company’s values and purpose, so the design and colors should reflect those things.




The website is often the first place people read about a new company before trying their services. In today’s world, a website is essential for a business to thrive since so much business is done online. A nicely designed website will have details about the product or services offered, the background or history of the company, and contact information, such as email and phone number. 


The website should incorporate the logo of the brand and have links with which to navigate the website easily. Some businesses offer a scheduling option on the web page, making it easier for service-oriented businesses to schedule times with customers. If the business sells a product, the website should be created to make online sales as easy a possible for both the customer and the company.


Domain Name


The domain name is what people type as the URL to access the website for the business. The domain name for the brand should match closely with the name as much as possible. Sometimes an exact match is not possible because a specific domain name may already be taken. 


The domain name may also use search engine optimization (SEO) words, which are words used to search for that type of business or service in a specific location.

The business owner could do some of these things himself, but often it is better to hire a professional to help design a logo and create a website. 


When a new business has a great logo, a website that is easy to use, and a domain name that matches its business name, the essentials are in place for a great start.