Some thoughts can kill the focus on people and make it difficult for them to complete simple tasks. Some thoughts distract people’s minds making them feel lazy. It is hard to tell that someone is losing focus. Some habits control how people prioritize their work, and thus it is imperative to abandon negative thoughts. To embrace change, people need to examine the beliefs that drive their actions.

By examining thoughts, people can identify outdated stories and beliefs that hold them back. How do stories, views, and thoughts impact our productivity? According to a reputable author, Byron Katie, some thoughts make us feel sick, heavy, overwhelmed, and discouraged, to mention a few. On the contrary, other thoughts make us feel free, encouraged, spacious, and energized to handle our tasks.

According to neuro-scientific, some thoughts put us on high alert. They stimulate the amygdala causing the brain to release cortisol—a stress hormone. The hormone is the culprit for sweaty palms and increased heart rate. When we are in this state, our brains are compromised, making it daunting to think critically.

If you are ready to change your beliefs and thoughts, here are common ways to challenge your mind.

“I don’t have time.”

This thought makes us think that we don’t have time to attend to essential tasks. We tend to lose control over our calendar, resulting in uncompleted tasks. This thought can manifest and make it hard for us to wake up even after an alarm clock goes off. We lose body alertness and eventually wake up feeling exhausted.

“It’s difficult.”

There is an inward voice that keeps telling us it’s challenging to execute a specific task. We should abandon the thought and view every situation as a learning opportunity. This helps us to move out of a fixed view and develop a growth mindset.

“I might…. I should”

Whenever we use this language, we tend to assume that we are not liable for whatever happens. Instead, we should switch to a potent language that puts us squarely in the choice. We should regularly use language such as I will, or I choose to. If possible, we should create a list of negative thoughts that hold us back. We are encouraged to make our own list and change one thought at a time.