Alt j – May not be your cup of kombucha (do we still believe in kombucha?) but here is a stripped down version of one a favs:


Clyde Stubblefield, great name, great drummer, so worth 5 minutes:


Johnny Cash -We slept on Johnny for years but have become increasingly passionate for his covers; Sting, U2, Springsteen, Neil Young, Petty, Marley, Sheryl Crow, Soundgarden, etc.  We kinda feel like if Johnny covered one of your songs it’s no longer your song.  So many are mesmerizing but here are three:



Nine Inch Nails:


Please meet 10 year Nandi Bushnell, – check out the pure joy on her face, her speed and precise syncopation. Big screen this if you are able:


We discovered that if you cross Sheryl Crow’s All I Wanna Do with Liz Phair’s SuperNova you get Julianna Hatfield’s My Sister.