The folks at Nugz have been contemplating a dynamic continuum variability hypothesis and the cultural, genetic and environmental drivers of such:


1) Palette range – Do you live to eat or eat to live? Nugz is firmly planted in the former but not judging if you are in the latter camp, but we are increasingly enthusiastic about our vegan Ostrich medallions with a kumquat reduction sauce paired with a Willamette Valley Pinot and finished with a dark chocolate fig mousse.  We say flavor profile, some say whatever.


2) Attraction – With visual on one end and sapiosexual/demisexual on the other – where are you? Can one be ambidextrasexual, smack in the middle? Is the delta between men and women chromosomal, socialization or environmental? Perhaps this scale is not linear and more dimensional? 


3) Art – Similar to 1) above, some feel some don’t. Is the differential biophysical and manifested in human photoreceptor cell variance, socio-economic, or perhaps tribal?


We are all Homo Sapiens, all different all the same.