1) While ketchup outsells mustard 2.328 to 1, Nugz predicts the latter will even the score by 2024, based on the following:  Mustard is much more artisanal, complex and has a greater variable viscosity. Importantly, it’s far more courageous, mischievous and has considerably more jump the shark immunity.  We still respect Ketchup but the trend will be our mustard friend.


2) Here is how we go from point A to point B in AK:



3) The folks at Nugz until recently did not understand the nuisances of “ego.”  While the Freudian ego refers to the whole self at its most poised, comprehensively aware and empowered, (don’t worry we won’t risk indigestion here by delving into the derivatives of id and super-ego), but we are most interested in the dynamic one’s ego plays in formulating subconscious defense mechanisms that inhibit real connection with self and others. Meditation, psychedelics and shared human experience may enable the implosion of these mechanisms and greater happinugz. Just saying.