1) Could being more than one standard deviation on the cooler side (you walk around at 97 degrees) from the normal human temperature of 98.6 be due to some form of remnant ancestral reptilian DNA signaling your hypothalamus to have a lower factory setting; after all Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny.

2) We were very excited to read Anchorage Daily New’s music critic, Preston Powers’ review of 3 Nugz the Band’s Igloopalooza performance, “they are Bohemian every-dude tundra funkonauts reminiscent of Sick DIck and the Volkswagens and maybe even more so, Miles and the Paranoids, only much more authentically lyrical.”

3) What is more under rated a fresh fig or a kiwi?  Which do you wonder after you eat, why don’t you eat more of?