1) We know that not knowing why humans only bob for apples and not pears have caused years of anguish.  We can liberate you from such torment.  No shape is not the issue, flotation is; pear cells are tightly packed, with only narrow, ribbon like gas channels. In contrast apples have much larger air channels, in fact 25% for Jonagold, 18% for Braeburn and 12% for Kanzi apples. But for a pear it’s a lowly 6%. Thus apples are flotation devices while pears sink.


2) Sure Aristotle and Plato were important but the staff at Nugz favors Pythagoras, not so much for that fancy triangle thing but more so for his wisdom of insecurity, Buddha-like acceptance of impermanence and the invention of cheese.


3)  Everybody deserves to see pigs swim once every third leap year: