Project Description

188: Rob Urbach: CEO of the Famous Iditarod Race in Alaska. Incredible tale of a Husky dog race covering 938 miles in unreal conditions. The ultimate test of grit…

On this episode of Finding Your Summit Podcast, we talk with Rob Urbach, Chief Executive Officer of the Iditarod long-distance sled dog race in Alaska about the differences between competing in the Ironman Kona and the Iditarod. “They are both extraordinary endurance events. They both are complex. They both have some risk to mitigate, and I knew very little about dogs and mushing, and even Alaska at the time. But I knew about events, and media, and what it takes to really enable a passion. So, if you think about someone doing an Ironman and someone doing Iditarod, there are a lot of similarities. But there are big differences. At the Ironman, at the end of that day, it is a long, all-day workout. But, you are going to get a bed, a shower, a massage, a nice meal, and warmth. Not so at Iditarod.”

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